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                TEL:021-51602737 18121314445
                 進口閥門閘閥蝶閥球閥截止閥放料閥止回閥平衡閥針型閥疏水閥排氣閥電磁閥溫控閥呼吸閥旋塞閥隔膜閥管夾閥減壓閥阻火器調節閥過濾器安全閥液壓閥門氣動角王家隱藏座閥水力控制感受著體內澎湃閥 |底閥 |

                     Spirax Sarco SV604 full stroke valve, flange connection , suitable for steam , can not afford chemical applications of industrial gases and water systems.

                      SV604 safety valve for steam boilers , pipes , compressors and cylinders and other protection application process has been most protective equipment
                      SV604 is PN40/AN300, can raise the standard DIN flanges and ANSI standard flanges . Sealing performance meets API527 standards. According to customer requirements to provide a soft seal spool .
                      Spirax Sarco SV604 safety valve is widely used in food, beverage , petrochemical , steel, metallurgy , power plants and other fields, is the best choice for pressure vessels and piping equipment overpressure protection .
                      Spirax Sarco advanced valve design , full range , the material widely ( bronze, ductile iron , carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials ) , widely used in the temperature range , all products are certified authority . To provide a safety valve meets the requirements of the different standards .
                  In the vacuum station system, in order to prevent the rated pressure relief valve downstream pressure is higher than the equipment operation , valves must be installed downstream of the valve . Pressure relief valve must be set within the maximum allowable operating pressure range of the device between the normal operating pressure and there is enough pressure to prevent the valve sealing surface damage resulting in frequent jump . Relief valve setting must be performed by qualified personnel. When the safety valve selection should guarantee the safety valve set pressure through the valve can flow through the maximum flow .
                  The following parameters:
                  1 , system or equipment must displacement and the proposed number of valves installed .
                  2, the opening pressure ( or set pressure )
                  3 , and the proportion of medium (liquid medium ) or molecular weight and compressibility factor ( for gaseous media )
                  4, the valve inlet medium temperature
                  5 , if there is back pressure , if any, is the number
                  6 , requires valve performance standards ( eg no special specified , specified by the supplier






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                電話:021-51602737傳真:021-51602737手機:18121314445 地址: 上海奉賢區南橋光錢路600弄8號

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